Thanks for Linking to Me (expanded but still no one has called me names)

The magic of the Internet is the fact that websites can link to each other, allowing folks to surf the Internet, exploring as they go. Google takes advantage of this by ranking websites based on how often they are linked to. The more people who link to you, the higher you appear in a Google search.

Therefore, I’ve done a search to see who links to me, and I’m repaying the favor by linking back to each of them. This may not be complete, but it’s a start. If I’ve overlooked you, let me know and I’ll amend this post. (The picture is a graphical representation of the World Wide Web. Cool, huh?)

While I’m at it, if someone said something nice or hateful about my work, I’ll add that, so this will be more interesting than just a list.

Alan Rouse probably has linked to me the most. Even though he disagrees vehemently with me on the role of women (I’ll persuade him yet, yes I will!), he still says One In Jesus is one of his “favorite blogs.” Here are the links —

John Wright has linked to One In Jesus here. He says, has been a great resource for me recently because I love the posts on the “moderate” church, and the site seems like an honest assessment of the church as a whole.

Mark Elrod links to my article on Churches of Christ in Decline here.

Odgie linked to me here and said some really nice stuff, too.

I know that I am making a habit of pimping blogs and sites lately, but I have to recommend a blog by Jay Guin. An elder at the Tuscaloosa Church of Christ (Roll Tide!), Guinis addressing touchy topics with style, keen Biblical knowledge, and consistent compassion. He is currently addressing the need for church of Christ schools to reorder their priorities. Among other things, he suggests dropping athletic scholarships and funneling that money into scholarships for Bible majors…hello! Wonder how that will play amongst the brethren?

Matt Dabbs joins the conversation on Church of Christ statistics here.

An anonymous (and intriguing) blog, called “Answering the Church of Christ” linked and had this to say —

A great Church of Christ blog written by Jay Guin. Lots of great information and material – very Biblical and Christlike in his methods and goals.

Nick Gill links to One In Jesus here. He says One In Jesus is “Jay Guin’s explosively dynamic blog.” Wow! I wasn’t expecting that one.

Tim Archer summarizes my presentation at Pepperdine here.

In his Fumbling Towards Eternity blog, reader Nick Gill also talks about teaching my Scary Lessons from Galatians series at his church.

Of course, a while back, John Dobbs referred to One In Jesus as a Top Ten Can’t Miss Blog at this post. And now one of my articles is a “Hot Post” on his site.

Matt Dabbs lists One In Jesus as one of 212 Christian Blogs Worth Viewing here. (How can anyone keep up with 212 blogs?)

Pinakidion links to One In Jesus as being about RM Unity.

Jeff Borcherding gets credit for being the first to find me on his own and link to me at this post. I’ve been remiss in not linking back sooner. He says,

Allow me to recommend a blog to you. One in Jesus has some great posts dealing with some of the internal squabbles and theological mistakes that we have made in the COC. There’s even some free downloadable books that are worth every penny! Give it a read

Kingdom Seeking links to me here. Trey Morgan links to me here. K. Rex Butts links to me here.

John Mark Hicks is a spiritual hero of mine. He’s the most original theologian within the Churches of Christ, I think. And just yesterday, he mentioned ME! I was so excited! The link is here. He says,

Jay Guin has begun a series entitled Amazing Grace/Churches of Christ in Decline?: Rescuing the Churches of Christ. Some of the background for this series is available in one of his previous posts.

(And now I’m on his list of the blogs he reads! John Mark Hicks reads my blog!)

John Telgren posts to me at his 7 Pillars website.

Dallas Burdette links to me at his Freedom in Christ website. (He misspells my name, though. But the link works, and that’s what matters!)

Keith Brenton links to One In Jesus in Blog In My Own Eye. Jon Shelton, at SIBI, links to me here. Gilbert Kerrigan links here.

I can’t figure out what a Stimple is. I thought I understood internet things, but this is outside of my experience. But Stimple links to me here. And there’s this twitter thing, too.

Oh, and the Christian Chronicle has a link here in one of its articles.

Ed Fudge, a hero in the faith, was among the very first to recommend me.

I just discovered that Darron L. Steele sites One In Jesus (favorably) in an online book.

I know One In Jesus is listed in several other blog rolls, but I don’t have records of them all. As people click through to my site from those links, I’ll know it and expand this listing.

I hope all those who’ve linked to me now move up to the top of Google’s ranking logic!

By the way, I’m very disappointed that not a single site links to me as a “change agent” or such. I mean, if I were really doing some good, I’d think someone would be warning people against me! However, I did find a site that says my The Holy Spirit and Revolutionary Grace is a “dangerous book.”

If any of you run across a less-than-complimentary reference to One In Jesus, please let me know. It’ll make my day — not because I love being insulted, but because it’ll mean my work matters enough to be criticized.

Thanks to all who think enough of my work to refer others over here. It’s appreciated more than I can say.

About Jay F Guin

My name is Jay Guin, and I’m a retired elder. I wrote The Holy Spirit and Revolutionary Grace about 18 years ago. I’ve spoken at the Pepperdine, Lipscomb, ACU, Harding, and Tulsa lectureships and at ElderLink. My wife’s name is Denise, and I have four sons, Chris, Jonathan, Tyler, and Philip. I have two grandchildren. And I practice law.
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  1. Trey says:


    Sure enjoy your blog. Thanks for challenging my thinking. You've been linked on my blog roll for quite a while.


  2. Nick Gill says:


    You can give a double 'thank-you' (or 'what did I do to deserve this???') to the Blog King John Dobbs.

    It was his mention of One In Jesus as a Top-Ten Can't Miss that brought me here for the first time.

    So blame him! 🙂

    in HIS love,

  3. Alan says:

    Hi Jay,

    What we have in common far surpasses the things on which we differ — both in number of topics, and the importance of those topics.

  4. odgie says:

    "By the way, I’m very disappointed that not a single site links to me as a “change agent” or such. I mean, if I were really doing some good, I’d think someone would be warning people against me!"

    Jay, Jay, Jay…you should know that people who use terms such as "change agent" in a negative capacity won't link to you, they will just quote you out of context and berate you as a heretic!

  5. mattdabbs says:

    The only way to keep up with 212 blogs (which now lists over 300 on my blogroll) is to use But I only keep up with about 60 through bloglines. Keep up the good work!

  6. Jay Guin says:


    I just figured no one was disagreeing with me! Now I've got to worry about people talking behind my back … And on my birthday, too.


  7. Jay Guin says:


    60 is an amazing number. I can’t keep up with what I’ve got!

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