On the Importance of Being Broken

Click on this link to download a PowerPoint presentation, which is today’s lesson.

The Importance of Being Broken

This is the rare post not by me. This one is from my oldest son, Chris, who is part of a church planting group in Boston.

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  2. Jay:

    Tell Chris that was absolutely, positively incredible. Man, could NOT have been more tailor-made for what I needed to hear.

    Oh yeah, and I learned a new word: perfidy.

    What is his specific purpose for this? The reason I ask, I thought it was somehow going to tie into his musical…but it appears to just be a lesson outline.

    A lesson outline that I intend to steal and use, unless your or Chris say not to!

    But man, is he ever right about needing to confront the SOTM head-on and not explain it away. I really, really got a lot out of this. Tell him thanks.

  3. I liked it very much – truly inspiring and … yes, it puts me to shame and yet it revives me again.


  4. I thought this was excellent! I do want to point out, however that the person who replied with all the hurt and anger was a woman and I, for one would appreciate it if you would refer to her as one. She probably has been a victim of abuse. She isn't the only woman to wonder why "God hates women". There are some pretty horrible horror stories out there of how women have been beaten into submission by men with Bibles in their hands.