John L. Edwards, An In Depth Study of Marriage and Divorce

An In Depth Study of Marriage & DivorceI’ve had a reader ask whether I could help her locate copy of John L. Edwards’ An In Depth Study of Marriage & Divorce.

It’s evidently out of print. As I recall, it was originally self-published and then, in 1990, published by College Press.┬áIt’s no longer in their catalog.

I’ve submitted a request to College Press to either allow me to post an electronic version or else make the book available on Amazon at modest cost.

In the meantime, if anyone has a copy they can spare for a reader in need, I’d be happy to put you in touch.

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  1. Ha! I go to church with John. Jay, feel free to email me — or have the questioner email me — and I’ll get you his phone #. He is 90 and still razor-sharp.

  2. If this is the John who was in St. Louis, he taught Greek in our Preacher’s School. Was very sharp then and I’m glad to hear that this hasn’t changed!

  3. I would also be very interested to read this book in some format or other. If you are able to make it available online please can you let me know? Many thanks Jo

  4. I’d love to borrow a copy of the book from someone if I could. My church recently split over it and I’d love to read it myself to understand why. Apparently it’s very difficult to obtain a copy… If someone would be willing to ship it to be, I’d gladly ship it back when I’m finished.