Tools of the Trade: Accordance — First Impressions

Accordance Bible SoftwareI am very fortunate to have received, some years ago, review copies of Logos and BibleWorks, and so I’ve periodically posted articles regarding my experiences with those two Bible study programs.

Every time I’ve posted such an article, readers have asked for my views on Accordance, the Apple competitor to these products. And since I don’t use computers that charge a 100% premium for a fruit-shaped logo, I’ve never been able to answer the question. Until now.

Accordance has finally released a Windows version, and the good people at Oak Tree Software were kind enough to let me try out the Advanced version (or module). This costs $999.99 normally, but is presently on sale for $749.00 through July 31. This is the next-to-best bundle they sell, and is closest to the packages I have from Logos and BibleWorks. Continue reading

Logos Bible Software, Part 2

Second search

I clicked on the Greek word for “repent” in Word for Word, and I was presented with an interlinear presentation of Acts 2:38, including the English, Greek, Greek lemma (root), English transliterations for both (thanks), the morphology (that is, the declensions), and dictionary links. Nice. Continue reading

Conservative Church of Christ Resources, with a Reflection or Two

I try to stay well read on conservative Church of Christ thought. It’s always critical to read both sides of any disagreement, and it’s important to look for trends in conservative Church of Christ thought.

Therefore, I recently bought the Gospel Advocate Bible Study Library, Deluxe Addition, on CD, now on sale for half price ($74.99). The package includes the entire Gospel Advocate commentary series (which is why I bought it) as well as several other commentaries from within and without the Churches of Christ. Continue reading