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Assembly 2.0: Part 11.10: Tongues and Prophecy Today; Testimony


Conclusions regarding Tongues and Prophecy for Today

I think there’s great wisdom in Martin Luther’s teaching on the subject, as summarized by Foller,

On the one hand, Luther may say that in the present time, miracles are no longer necessary, because the Gospel has already been proclaimed everywhere and the church has been established; on the other hand he holds onto the truth that the same power and impact of Christ is forever in existence in Christendom and miracles may happen whenever they are required (WA 45, 260, 18-264, 19; 45, 261, 27-262, 2). They were necessary when the Gospel first entered the world.

But, from his own time, Luther regarded this as not necessarily required and he viewed miracle signs as warnings of unauthorised action. But in times of extraordinary pressure it might again become necessary. In such cases without exception each Christian would have the power to perform miracles. Especially in missionary situations where the Gospel is first announced, God will provide affirming miracles. The deciding category, in Luther’s view is the question of necessity. According to Luther God tends to show his power through a miracle, where ordinary means of keeping up the oikonomia, the worldly reign and the church are too weak. … Continue reading

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Robbie Seay Band

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Assembly 2.0: Part 11.9: When Did Prophecy End?


When Did Prophecy End?

Many theorize that prophecy was received by the laying on of apostolic hands, meaning that the gift ended in the early Second Century. Others believe that prophecy and other miraculous gifts ended when the NT was complete — when the last book was authored. Historians disagree as to when this was, but the early Second Century would seem to be the outside date.

What our theologians sometimes forget is that we have early church writings going back to the late First Century. The uninspired writings from church authors tell us a great deal about life in the early church, and they testify that prophecy continued at least to the Third Century. Continue reading

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Wineskins series on Instrumental Music from 2010

Back in late 2010, I edited an issue of the Wineskins online magazine dealing with instrumental music. That was followed by a series of articles here responding to various questions and criticisms.

When we converted Wineskins to a new server a couple of years ago, all the links broke due to the new archiving software. They are now fixed. Here are updated links to the articles as well as the articles posted at OneInJesus: Continue reading

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John Mark Nelson: “I’m Not Afraid”

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Scot McKnight on Calvinism and Pantheism

tulip calvinismScot McKnight has posted a thought-provoking critique of Calvinism at his Jesus Creed blog.

If you’re getting tired of watching the SEC beat up on the rest of the college football world, you might enjoy the high-level theological ruminations.

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Assembly 2.0: Part 11.8: Tongues; Ecstatic Prophecy



1 Cor 14 tells us that the early church practiced “tongues” in the assembly, and this was approved so long as the tongues were translated by someone with the gift of interpretation.

We really don’t know what “tongues” were. The word was idiomatic for “languages,” and so some contend that the tongues were human languages learned by the power of the Spirit. This seems to clearly have been the case in Acts 2 (although some contend that the miracle was in the hearing and not in the speaking). But most NT scholars believe the “tongues” of 1 Cor 12 and 14 were some sort of ecstatic speech. Continue reading

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Salvation 2.0: Scot McKnight’s summary of A New Heaven and a New Earth

new heaven and new earthScot McKnight has posted at Jesus Creed a summary of J. Richard Middleton’s A New Heaven and a New Earth: Reclaiming Biblical Eschatology.

Middleton finds support for his position — that the present heavens earth will be redeemed and renewed — in several passages I’d not considered earlier. Very interesting, brief read.

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Happy New Year!!


[and Roll Tide!!]

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