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The Fork in the Road: The Progressive Line, Part 3

Fourth, we need to spend just a moment regarding obedience. We have a tendency to insist on perfect obedience to the least important commands and to tolerate poor obedience to the most important commands. Thus, we want to damn those … Continue reading

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Upgrading a Church of Christ Worship Service Without Buying a Guitar, Part IIA

About 18 months ago, I wrote this post on how to upgrade an a cappella worship service. And then for some reason, just today it became a comment magnet. It’s not that surprising, really. This post has garnered around 4,000 … Continue reading

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In Response to an Email re Instrumental Music

I reader emailed me some questions on my thoughts re instrumental music. And I’m at home fending off a kidney stone attack — doped up on Oxycodone — and it seems like a good idea to respond via post as … Continue reading

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Quail Springs Church of Christ “Disfellowshipped”: More of the Same

Well, I thought it was finally time to change the subject and talk about something other than instrumental music. But as soon as got back from vacation, there in my Inbox was an email from Al Maxey advising that another … Continue reading

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