How to Navigate the Blog

This site has thousands of posts. To help the readers search for resources, I’ve added some features.

For example, assume you want to know what I’ve written on Romans or maybe a particular passage in Romans.

Search box

You could do a word search using the Search box, but searching “Romans” or “Rom” would surely be far too inclusive. I mean, I cite to Romans all the time, even when I’m really writing about John or some other book.


The best solution for a topical search is usually the Table of Contents tool on the right. It can be a little confusing, but it has the entire site indexed under a hierarchy of categories. “Romans” appears under “Textual Studies.” Some Bible books, such as John, also appear under Adult Bible Classes, but I’ve not prepared Romans materials for a Bible class since I started the blog.

If you click on the Romans link, you’ll be taken to this page. The seven most recent posts on Romans appear in the main window. However, there are 72 posts indexed here.

When you click on “Romans,” all 72 posts will show up in the main window, the most recent first, 10 per page. You can navigate to older posts using the “Older Posts” arrow at the bottom left of the screen.

Now, back under the Categories tool, beneath “Romans” is a link for “God Is Not Fair.” That series, based on Romans, is separately indexed because some readers might want to search for that series in particular. There are 18 posts in that series.

The Pages

At the top of every page are links to various materials, most pertinently to my ebooks and to my Bible recent Bible class materials.

The Bible class materials are just for Galatians, the Creation 2.0 series, John, and The Story. These also appeared as daily posts. As a result, the other search methods should pick these up just fine.

There are a number of ebooks on challenging topics (all of which include discussions of Romans). These are .pdf files and not part of the Categories system. However, I’ve covered the materials in the books through at least one series of posts apiece. In fact, the posts are a little newer and benefit from my interaction with the readers. Nonetheless, if you are doing a topical search on, say, the role of women or baptism, be sure to check out the ebooks.

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