Letter to a Gay Man in the Churches of Christ, Part 9

I came across these intriguing posts about homosexuality from Patrick Mead. Patrick is pulpit minister at the Rochester Hills Church of Christ in Rochester, Michigan, and one of my favorite preachers. (You would do well to listen to some of his sermons. Good stuff.)

But for our present purposes, the key fact is that Patrick has degrees in Linguistics, Criminal Justice, Psychology, Counseling, and Immunology, and continues to teach at the doctoral and post-doctoral levels. And so, when he talks about what research says regarding homosexuality, he’s not quoting from Readers Digest or somebody’s blog. He’s reporting straight from the professional journals with an incomparable degree of expertise, not to mention a profoundly Christian heart.

Here are the two links.

A Question on Homosexuality

A Follow Up on Lesbianism (Question 54)

Here’s a foretaste:

So why should I spend my time attacking a homosexual? Isn’t that just going for an easy target?

I will teach them the Word while I love them, but I will not withdraw that love. I have proven that time and time again in my life. I have stayed by the bedside of men with AIDS while they struggled for breath and cried that their family wouldn’t come to see them; had written them off as dead already. I have hugged men right after they got the diagnosis of AIDS and sobbed. I have also stood still while I’ve been cursed, screamed at, and accused of being evil, personally, and being the agent of an evil God because of my beliefs. I will probably do all of this again, if God allows me to live long enough. I pray that I will never run out of love and patience with these men, because I know I am lost if God ever runs out of love and patience with me.

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    Great article, thanks. I bookmarked his site