It’s Friday!!

Just a few things to close out the work week.

cropped-bridge103First, Todd Deaver, author of Facing Our Failure, has begun his own blog, at He’s responding to Gil Yoder’s review at

Next, here’s the latest approach to Attractional Church —

For those you not familiar with Veggie Tales (see them in the background?) —

While we’re listening to silly church music: “Talk Like a Christian”

Remember the Bangles? Who doesn’t remember the Bangles?

(I had to post this picture to get the previous one out of my mind.)

Finally, OU got Tebowed, too (join the club).

Now, I’m a big Tebow fan (I so hope he goes pro!) But weren’t the Fox sportscaster just a little over the top? It was just too much. But then, Fox has been consistently horrible all season — very inferior to ABC/ESPN — and to our local high school broadcasts. I mean, they can’t get names right, they don’t seem to bother to prepare. Just awful.

On the other hand, even though it was a horrible broadcast effort, wasn’t it great that Tebow was genuinely praised for his Christianity and mission work? I mean, lots of athletes praise Jesus, pray, and point to the sky. Not many travel to foreign countries and help the poor.

The impact of walking the walk on how effective you are is huge — in fact, so huge that thanks to Tebow’s eye black — which said “John 3 16” — “John 3 16” was the number one Google inquiry last night. How cool is that?

And remember the guy in the clown wig who used to hold up a John 3:16 sign behind the goal posts in NFL games? He never generated gobs of Google hits. You see, getting attention isn’t quite enough.

But doesn’t it bother you that so many people needed Google to know what John 3:16 says?

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