Beer vs. Church as Measured by Twitter

But what if the blue is really church people talking bad about beer? Or the red is really beer drinkers talking bad about church? Or Mark Driscoll at Mars Hill talking in church about how to make beer?

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My name is Jay Guin, and I’m a retired elder. I wrote The Holy Spirit and Revolutionary Grace about 18 years ago. I’ve spoken at the Pepperdine, Lipscomb, ACU, Harding, and Tulsa lectureships and at ElderLink. My wife’s name is Denise, and I have four sons, Chris, Jonathan, Tyler, and Philip. I have two grandchildren. And I practice law.
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4 Responses to Beer vs. Church as Measured by Twitter

  1. Zach says:

    What about churches that meet in bars?

  2. aBasnar says:

    Hmmm. In our yearly brothers’ retreat in Germany we close each day with beer and fellowship – not that one is forced to drink that stuff, but it is much more in line with life in Europe that in the U.S. In our house church during the meal we usually empty the bottle of wine from which we took the Cup of Blessing. Mhm – fermented “Fruit of the Vine” – well, it’s just half a glass for those who like it.


  3. This post cries out for that classic joke:
    Q: “Why should you always take two Baptists with you when you go fishing?”
    A: “Because if you just take one, he’ll drink all your beer.”

  4. Joe Baggett says:

    Where ever there are four methodists there is a fifth. I remember going to church weddings in other countries and beer plus a lot of other libations were all they served. I was reluctant but they told me it was the custom and it would be offensive not to partake. So here is to not offending anyone at a church weeding. Also had a girlfriend that was catholic in high school. They actually drank in the church building!

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