John’s Gospel: Questions for Chapter 2:12-25

Lesson 5

Jesus, the Zealous Son

John 2:12-25

  1. Was it significant that it was the Passover?  Why?  How many Passovers did Jesus’ ministry include?
  2. How many times did Jesus cleanse the temple?  (Consider that Mat. 21:12,13; Mk 11:15-17; Luk 19:45,46 seem to be at the end of his ministry).
  3. Did he only drive out animals, or also people?  Did Jesus actually strike any animals, or people, with the whip?
  4. Why were the animals at the temple?  What was the reason for “money changing”? What was wrong with these practices? Why does Jesus react to these activities the way he does?
  5. What authority does Jesus assume in cleansing the temple?
  6. Why do the Apostles remember the words of Ps. 69:9 as applying to Jesus?  When did this remembrance happen?
  7. What does Jesus teach about ownership of the temple and its purpose?  How does he apply this to himself and his personal identity?  Why were people shocked by both his actions and words?  How did this play into the trial and crucifixion of Jesus later?
  8. What was it that the Apostles recalled about this after he was raised from the dead and why?  What were the Scripture and words of Jesus that they believed?
  9. Why did people start to believe on him after this?  What does it mean to “believe in his name”?
  10. Why did Jesus not entrust himself to even people who believed in him?
  11. What does this story tell us about who the “Son of Man” is?
  12. How does this apply to how we should be like Christ?

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