John’s Gospel: Questions for Chapter 5:16-47

John Lesson 9 Questions

“Jesus, the Son of God”   

John 5:16-47

1.    Why were the Jewish leaders trying to kill Jesus?

2.    How does Jesus explain why he does what he does?  Note the personal relationship between Father and Son.

3.    When had the Father raised the dead, and how does Jesus apply it to himself?

4.    How does Jesus use the word “judge” and how does he apply it to what he is saying about life and death?

5.    What does Jesus say about testifying about himself?  Who does he call as his “witnesses” to testify for him?

6.    Jesus gives the Jewish leaders credit for being students of Scripture, but he does not compliment their results, why?  How does this apply to how we study Scripture today?

7.    What does it mean for one to have the love of God in their heart?

8.    What does it mean to come in the Father’s name? How does this apply to bringing glory to God?

9.    How does this apply to us as we try to be like Jesus?

10. How does Moses become their accuser, and what of Moses’ testimony are they not accepting?

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