Back Surgery No. 4, Continued

fusionAs of 5:30 yesterday, I am home from the hospital! I can’t tell you how glad I was to roll through those doors.

I’m still in a good bit of pain from the surgery itself, but the pace of getting better is better than before. But I’m still having to be on the pain pills — for a little while. Hopefully, I can get off them in the next several days.

Of course, this means I can say anything on my blog and, if it’s stupid or offensive, blame the drugs. So I’ve got that going for me …

I have to wear a back brace and, for two hours a day, an electrical stimulator which sends magical electronic waves into my back and hastens healing. It seems a little like something I’d get from an aroma-therapist or someone who sells healing pyramids — but I’m told this involves actual science. We’ll see.

The surgery took about four hours on Wednesday. Recovery was easier than ever before. The two days I spent in the hospital were better. I did much better at my physical therapy. In fact, I was never limited by lack of strength or endurance. It was about how much pain I could endure. (Quite a lot, as it turns out. But I’ve had years of practice. And so I’ve got that going for me, too.)

So even though the pain is much better than the last time, it’s still very painful. But now I have good reason to expect the pain to get better — even go away entirely.

Oh, and my other health issues have kind of spontaneously gotten better. The doctors have no explanation. It’s prayer — really and truly.

So those who’ve taken time out of their lives to utter a prayer for me, trust me, it works. It matters. I can feel it, and it is making a dramatic difference in my health.

Thank you very, very much, and please keep it up.

I had a case management worker come in to check on my support network after discharge. I’m quite unable to care for myself due to having to use a walker to get anywhere, and the painfulness of walking across the room. But I told her I have a worldwide support network. Besides having my wife at home and three children and one daughter-in-law nearby and glad to help, I have people literally across the globe praying for me. I could not ask for a better support network. And so I have that going for me, and that’s the best thing to have going for me.

Included in that network is, of course, my church, and they’ll feed me so well that it’s almost worth having the surgery just to get the wonderful, free meals. (I’m pretty excited about lunch today. I’m in my church’s “food book,” and I will be feted like a king.)

So this shouldn’t be like the last time I had a double fusion and nearly died from sepsis. Not only will I be pumped full of antibiotics, I’ll have far more people praying for me — and so I’ll be good. And so I will finally be out of pain for the first time in 7 or so years.

Thank you.

About Jay F Guin

My name is Jay Guin, and I’m a retired elder. I wrote The Holy Spirit and Revolutionary Grace about 18 years ago. I’ve spoken at the Pepperdine, Lipscomb, ACU, Harding, and Tulsa lectureships and at ElderLink. My wife’s name is Denise, and I have four sons, Chris, Jonathan, Tyler, and Philip. I have two grandchildren. And I practice law.
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