The Revelation: A Different Kind of Apocalypse, by Ben Witherington

lion-dove-lamb-yeshuaIn a recent post, Larry Hurtado, writing for Ben Witherington’s blog, points out how the Revelation differs from other apocalyptic literature.

I’ve not seen these points made in the commentaries and other books I read in putting together the recent series on the Revelation.

I would have included these observations in my introductory posts, but it’s too late now. I have nothing to add to Larry Hurtado’s comments other than “amen.” Enjoy.

(And, yes, I have insomnia from my monthly Remicade infusion. Nothing to do but catch up on some old posts. I’m still pretty drugged from the procedure, and so I apologize for anything  I may say that is, you know, stoned-ish.)

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  1. The thoughts are actually from Larry Hurtado, a frequent contributor to BW3’s website.

  2. Jay Guin says:


    Thanks for the correction.

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