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Replanting a Church: Community, Part 1

We are working through an article by Scott Thomas on replanting an existing church, that is, renewing a church so that it grows and matures as a church plant does. d. Envision an Acts 2 commitment to fellowship (Acts 2:44-45). … Continue reading

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Church of Christ Deism: The Old Testament Background, Part 3

Joel Perhaps the most famous prophecy of the Spirit among the Churches of Christ is from Joel, because Peter preached this scriptures in Acts 2 — (Joel 2:28-31)  ‘And afterward, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your … Continue reading

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Which Gospel? The Gospel of Community (Breaking Bread)

I was about to move on to the next topic when I realized I’d never addressed the description of Christian community found in Acts 2. Immediately after Peter’s sermon and the baptism of 3,000, we read, (Acts 2:42-47) They devoted … Continue reading

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