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Replanting a Church: Dan Kimball Changes Positions on Church Buildings

Dan Kimball, author of many books and a lead thinker in the emerging church movement, has long been opposed to churches owning buildings. He’s changed his opinion — If you had asked me eight years ago what I thought about … Continue reading

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How to Argue Like a Christian: Over-generalizing and Not Listening

It’s awfully easy to find in any group of people a few outliers — people identified with the group who aren’t really representative of the group. I mean, no group of human beings is free of sin or foolishness, and … Continue reading

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Renewing Our Worship: Iconography, Part 2 of 3

After the last post, you’re probably thinking I’m some sort of closet Catholic or Eastern Orthodox or some such thing. But I’m really not. I just think the creative arts need to be redeemed for Jesus. I mean, do we … Continue reading

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Which Gospel? Prologue, the Gospels of Kicking the Smoking Habit

Back a few days ago, I asked a question about just how wrong is smoking? I got 23 comments! I don’t get 23 comments when we talk about women elders! Why such interest in a fairly mundane subject? I mean, … Continue reading

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