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The Cruciform God: The Gospel of Suffering, Part 2

We’re continuing our study of Michael J. Gorman’s Inhabiting the Cruciform God. We are now well-beyond the book, but continuing to explore its implications. I would like to offer two suggestions and to dismiss a third — First, when I … Continue reading

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Faith Lessons by Ray Vander Laan: When the Rabbi Says “Come,” Part 2

During Wednesday night’s class with the teachers and in reviewing the comments, it’s clear that we need to pick up a few further thoughts on the lesson. Question: Does Vander Laan’s lesson lead to becoming a cult? Doesn’t this argue … Continue reading

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The Blue Parakeet: Fixing What’s Broken

What do we learn from this narrative approach to the scriptures? Well, I don’t think the Story answers all the questions, but it answers more questions than any other one principle of hermeneutics. We could go another quarter working through the … Continue reading

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Which Gospel? The Gospel of Community (More Hauerwas)

I probably shouldn’t spend this many posts on the subject — except it’s an area where we struggle … a lot. In America today, community is largely gone. We often barely know our neighbors. We find work is the center … Continue reading

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Which Gospel? Introduction, Part 4

Sexually pure gospel Watch enough 24-hour news shows and pretty soon you’ll see some evangelist interviewed. The subject will be sex — abortion, divorce, homosexuality, abstinence. It’s as though the only thing Jesus taught us was to keep our pants … Continue reading

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