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California Letter Blog

J. James Albert is a progressive among the one-cup Churches of Christ. He has distributed the “California Letter” by email for many years, and he has had a powerful impact within not only the one-cup congregations but also the rest … Continue reading

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What Is “Gospel”? Part 5

“Gospel” is a big, big concept. And while it’s helpful, I hope, to work through the key “gospel” verses to understand the concept, this has hardly been a complete or thorough exposition. I mean, how can we consider “gospel” without … Continue reading

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CENI: A Better Way — 1 Corinthians

1 Corinthians is in many ways the opposite of Romans. Romans is high theology written to a church Paul had never visited, while 1 Corinthians deals with one practical, pastoral issue after another. Romans is neat and organized — and … Continue reading

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