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Ed Stetzer on Reversing Our Decline: Infighting

A second issue is the infighting which defines so much of the SBC—its meetings, its churches, and its blogs. It is public knowledge that we do not always settle our differences amicably. The national caricature once again colors many local … Continue reading

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GraceConversation: Exegesis of Phil’s Proof Texts

I’ve posted three posts working through the texts cited by Phil Sanders in “Proposition One Response from Phil.” Part One (Galatians, Liars, Blindness, Truth) Part Two (Repentance, the Factious Man) Part Three (Conclusions: How God saves people despite imperfect doctrine)

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Understanding 2 John 9: Do I Have to Have Perfect Doctrine to Go to Heaven?

I’ve been chatting with a number of well-known authors about “tests of fellowship,” that is, doctrines that you have to get right to go to heaven. I’ve been repeatedly astonished to learn that some of our preachers actually insist that … Continue reading

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If You Do Marry …

I’ve just posted another book-length essay, this one on marriage, divorce, and remarriage. You can download the entire essay or chapter at a time in .pdf format here: But If You Do Marry … I’ve been working on this one … Continue reading

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Do We Teach Another Gospel?

This book explains the true doctrine of grace, shows how many within the Churches of Christ commit the Galatian heresy in teaching legalism, and then lays out a fresh approach to hermeneutics based on the Biblical doctrine of grace.Click on … Continue reading

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Grace: Teaching for Doctrines the Commandments of Men

“But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.” — Matt. 15:9 KJV What did Jesus mean when he rebuked the Pharisees with these words? More importantly, what do these words mean to us? Consider … Continue reading

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