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The Fork in the Road: Does God Deny Forgiveness Until We Repent?

The classic proof text used to argue that we are unforgiven until we specifically repent of each sin and ask for forgiveness is the story of Simon Magus. (Acts 8:14-24) When the apostles in Jerusalem heard that Samaria had accepted … Continue reading

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GraceConversation: Exegesis of Phil’s Proof Texts

I’ve posted three posts working through the texts cited by Phil Sanders in “Proposition One Response from Phil.” Part One (Galatians, Liars, Blindness, Truth) Part Two (Repentance, the Factious Man) Part Three (Conclusions: How God saves people despite imperfect doctrine)

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Our Repentance Hypocrisy

There are several questions that the Churches of Christ are wrestling with today, but I believe we may have missed one of the most important ones: what does it mean to repent? Amazingly, this question has divided many of us … Continue reading

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