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The Lord’s Supper: The Experts Weigh In

John Mark Hicks recently posted some material on the Lord’s Supper that’s very pertinent to this series, which I thought I’d wrapped up a few weeks ago. The post summarizes a scholarly paper he presented at the 2010 Stone-Campbell Conference. … Continue reading

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The Lord’s Supper: The First Day

Closely tied to the Eucharist is the weekly meeting on Sundays. Of course, we see in Acts 2 that the early church met daily. There’s no mention of a weekly gathering in Acts until much later. Indeed, we only see … Continue reading

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The Lord’s Supper: John Mark Hicks on the Communion

John Mark Hicks has posted a series of articles on the scriptural roots of communion, and he’s provided some very helpful observations. We begin with his article Breaking Bread in Luke-Acts VI: General Observations. The church continues the ministry of … Continue reading

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The Fork in the Road: Moral vs. Positive Law: Background

Guy wrote a comment asking why I take such a dim view of positive law (and I do). I knocked out a quick comment, but I think the topic bears a more thorough explanation. It’s going to take several posts … Continue reading

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Replanting a Denomination: Moser and Tidwell, Part 1

Gregory Alan Tidwell, a contributor to the Gospel Advocate and my favorite conservative preacher, commented, Please provide me with an actual quote from Moser with which I disagree. (not what you are SURE Moser would have said, or MEANT to … Continue reading

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Replanting a Denomination: The Original Restoration Plea

A reader posted a comment, suggesting that the original Restoration Plea was not as I characterized it in the last post of this series, asserting — In actuallity, the concept of teaching “the correct doctrines of baptism, worship, and church … Continue reading

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The Shack: John Mark Hicks Posts E-book

John Mark Hicks has just posted an e-book with his observations and reflections on The Shack: Meeting God at the Shack. Hopefully, I’ll have enough time over the holidays to grab a cup of coffee and an easy chair and … Continue reading

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Ministry Ideas: Floresta, Part 3 (Salvation)

John Mark Hicks is in the process of posting an excellent series of articles called a “Comprehensive” Perspective on Salvation — Introduction Quadrant 1 Quadrant 2 Quadrant 3 Quadrant 4 The importance of these posts is that they demonstrate that … Continue reading

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Backgrounds of the Restoration Movement: Baptism, Primitivism, and Heresy, Part 1

The Restoration Movement was not begun with baptism in mind. Indeed, Barton W. Stone, Thomas Campbell, and Alexander Campbell had all begun their ministries and had written some of their most famous documents long before baptism became an issue. You … Continue reading

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Renewing Our Worship: The Love Feast (expanded)

I received this question from a reader — Hi Jay First, I want to say how much I appreciate your blog. It is a great source of learning and encouragement for me. I left a legalistic church several years ago … Continue reading

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