Buried Talents

This is another book-length study. It deals with the role of women in the church.

The essay attempts a fresh restudy of the question taking into account recent scholarship.

You can download the entire essay in .pdf format here: Buried Talents. This is the 2014 revision, still in the process of being proofread.

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  2. Charis says:

    I was looking at your material on Ephesians 5, and I was also looking at : "MDR: The passive-voice argument".

    Please re-consider your interpretation of the passages where "wife" and "submit" occur together. In every instance except one, the hupotasso verbs are in the passive voice!

    See husband is head of wife…THEREFORE:

  3. Jay Guin says:


    In v. 22, the verb is borrowed from 5:21, which is a present passive or middle participle. "Submitting yourselves" in 21 sounds very middle to my ear.

    In v. 24, "is subject to" is present indicative middle.

    I get my tenses from Zodhiates.

    I've looked at your website. I'm not sure we really disagree as to the outcome. I'm no advocate for paternalism.

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  5. Glenn says:

    Jay, I just attempted to download “Buried Talents”, but the link appears to be broken. Is this ebook still available?

  6. Jay Guin says:


    Thanks for letting me know. The transition to Wineskins’ server has created problems. I think I have it fixed now. Please let me know if you have any further problems.

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