Reader-Recommended Churches

I often receive requests from readers for the name of a recommended Church of Christ in their area. This is a compilation of the recommendations made by readers over the years. I am not personally familiar with all these churches.

Obviously, there are many excellent churches not on this list, either because readers haven’t asked for recommendations in that area or the readers just weren’t familiar with a particular congregation.

As a rule, I only add a church recommended via the comments, as this gives the other readers the chance to comment on the wisdom of the recommendation.

21st Century Online Directory of Churches of Christ in the United States
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(Another directory of Churches of Christ, not limited to the US)


Calera Church of Christ, Calera

Central church of Christ, Andalusia

Central Church of Christ, Athens

Crossbridge Church of Christ, Birmingham

CrossPoint Church of Christ, Florence

Eva Church of Christ, Eva

Guntersville church of Christ, Guntersville

Hebron Church of Christ, Joppa

Homewood Church of Christ, Birmingham

Landmark Church of Christ, Montgomery

Ohatchee Church of Christ, Ohatchee

Riverchase Church of Christ, Birmingham

Shoals Church of Christ, Tuscumbia

Twickenham Church of Christ, Huntsville

University Church of Christ, Tuscaloosa

Vaughn Park Church of Christ, Montgomery


Ash Flat Church of Christ, Ash Flat

Crosswalk Family of God, Little Rock

Downtown Church of Christ, Searcy

Missouri Street Church of Christ, West Memphis

Southside Church of Christ, Rogers

Southwest Church of Christ, Jonesboro

University Church of Christ, Conway


Westridge Church of Christ, New Providence, Nassau area


Campbell Church of Christ, Campbell

Redwood Church, Redwood City

Sunny Hills Church of Christ, Fullerton, CA

New Vintage Church, Escondido

Canyonview Church of Christ, San Diego

Sunny Hills Church of Christ, Fullerton


Eastside Church of Christ, Colorado Springs

Lakewood church of Christ, Lakewood

Littleton Church of Christ, Centennial

Southeast Church of Christ, Aurora


Capitol City Church of Christ, Dover

Church of Christ at Ocean View, Ocean View

Lewes Church of Christ (The crossing), Milton

Milford Church of Christ, Milford

Newark Church of Christ, Newark

Old Paths Church of Christ, Georgetown


Bay Area Church of Christ, Tampa

Central Church of Christ, Cocoa

First City Church, Pensacola

Gulf Coast Church of Christ, Fort Myers

Metro Church, Winter Springs

New Smyrna Beach Church of Christ, New Smyrna Beach

Northwest Tampa Church of Christ, Tampa

Sunset Church of Christ, Miami

West Orange Church of Christ, Winter Garden


Campus Church, Atlanta

Cornerstone Church of Christ, Thomasville

Northlake Church of Christ, Atlanta

North Atlanta Church of Christ, Atlanta


Napierville Church of Christ, Napierville


Elmwood Church of Christ, Lafayette


Florence Church of Christ, Florence

Garrard Street Church of Christ, Covington

Southside Church of Christ, Lexington


New Hope Church of Christ, Morgan City

Tammany Oaks Church of Christ, Mandeville

Whites Ferry Road Church, West Monroe


Church of Christ at Manor Woods, Rockville


Quincy for Christ, Quincy


Rochester Hills Church of Christ, Rochester Hills

Waterford Church of Christ, Waterford


Lee Acres Church of Christ, Tupelo

Senatobia Church of Christ, Senatobia


East Sunshine Church Of Christ, Springfield

Fairview Road Church of Christ, Columbia

Lafayette Church Of Christ, St. Louis

Mid-County Church, St. Louis

McKnight Road Church Of Christ, St. Louis


Heartlands Church, Lincoln

New Jersey

Monmouth Church of Christ, Monmouth

Pitman Church of Christ, Pitman

New Mexico

Mountainside Church of Christ, Albuquerque

North Carolina

Brooks Avenue Church of Christ, Raleigh

Cary Christian Church, Cary (instrumental)

Cole Mill Road Church of Christ, Durham

Hayesville Church of Christ, Hayesville

Hickory Church of Christ, Hickory

North Raleigh Church of Christ, Raleigh

Providence Road Church of Christ, Charlotte

South Central Church of Christ, Raleigh, formerly Rochester Heights Church of Christ

Sylva Church of Christ, Sylva


Alum Creek Church, Lewis Center

Central Church of Christ, Cincinnati

Crosspointe Church of Christ, south of Dayton

Connections Christian Church, Madeira (instrumental)

Forest Hill Church of Christ, Cleveland

Kennedy Heights Church of Christ, Cincinnati

Northeast Church of Christ, Cincinnati

Reynoldsburg church of Christ, Columbus area

Withamsville Church of Christ, Cincinnati


Alameda Church of Christ, Norman (has OU campus ministry)

Jenks Church, Jenks

Quail Springs Church of Christ, Oklahoma City


Christ’s Church of the Valley, Royersford

King of Prussia Church of Christ, King of Prussia

North Hills Church of Christ, Pittsburg

South Carolina

Holland Park Church of Christ, Simpsonville


Central Church of Christ, Cocoa

Donelson Church of Christ, Donelson (Nashville area)

Ethos Church, Nashville (instrumental)

Fairview Church of Christ, Lexington

Fourth Avenue Church of Christ, Franklin

Hardin Valley Church of Christ, Knoxville

Harpeth Hills Church Of Christ, Nashville

Laurel Church of Christ, Knoxville

Madison Church of Christ, Madison (Nashville area)

Maryville Church of Christ, Maryville

Maury Hills Church, Columbia

Otter Creek Church of Christ, Nashville

Second Street Church of Christ, Pulaski

Skyline Church, Jackson

The Family of God at Woodmont Hills, Nashville

Westmoreland church of Christ, Westmoreland


Alpine Church of Christ, Longview

Bering Drive Church of Christ, Houston

Central Church of Christ, Amarillo

Farmers Branch Church of Christ and The Branch of Vista Ridge, Farmers Branch and Ft. Worth

First Colony Church of Christ, Sugar Land

Garden Ridge Church of Christ, Lewisville

Glenwood Church of Christ, Tyler, TX

Highland Church of Christ, Abilene

Highland Oaks Church of Christ, Dallas and Plano

New Beginnings Church, Clear Lake (Houston)

North Davis Church of Christ, Arlington

Plymouth Park Church of Christ, Irving

Prestoncrest Church of Christ, Dallas

Preston Road Church of Christ, Dallas

The Hills Church of Christ, Ft. Worth, formerly Richland Hills Church of Christ

Saturn Road Church of Christ, Garland

Southside Church of Christ, Killeen

Southwest Central Church of Christ, Houston

Sunset Ridge Church of Christ, San Antonio

The Hills at Southlake, Southlake

West Houston Church of Christ, Houston


Church of Christ at Mountain View, Wincester

Denbigh Church of Christ, Hampton Roads

New Hope Church of Christ, Richmond (instrumental)

Southwest Church of Christ,  Richmond

Valley Church of Christ, Harrisonburg (part of the Independent Christian Church/Church of Christ  tradition.)

Williamsburg Church of Christ, Williamsburg

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  2. Just found out that the web site for the Newark Church of Christ in Newark, DE is REALLY Sorry for the confusion.

  3. Jay,

    You have a san antonio, TX church listed under oklahoma.

    And "Almeda" should be "Alameda." Alameda has an excellent counseling program by the way. They have two (last time i checked) licensed counselors on staff who counsel full time to anyone in church or community on a sliding scale charge (UBER cheap, if necessary).


  4. I am a member of Alameda. There is only one counselor, Randy Hendricks. If you have insurance, he will take it. It you meet at the church instead of his office and can not pay, there is no charge. He will work with anybody.

  5. I would like to add to this list under 'Texas' congregations Southside church of Christ in Killeen, Texas. I received a tremendous amount of spiritual development in my years there. Keith Cormier and the members are a loving and diverse body and I miss them dearly. However, I enjoy having returned home to Raleigh, NC and the church of my youth, South Central church of Christ (formerly known as Rochester Heights church of Christ). Thanks for this listing Brother Jay and your voice.

  6. I’ve added Southside to the list. Thanks for the name. Judging by their website, they look to be quite an impressive congregation.

  7. I'm biased Jay. I have been reading your blog for a while and been blessed by the deep thought. There is push here to be Biblical and Jesus Centered. Salvation by grace through faith is a constant theme I read. I thank God for this.
    I'm biased about this church have preached here 28 years, but I would like to have Southeast Church of Christ in Aurora, CO added to your list.
    Larry Wishard

  8. Wow we're on the list! I would identify my church family, but then I would lose my anonymity.

  9. Bob,Thanks for the recommendation. I’ve added them to the list.I just realized that it’s been a year or so since anyone asked me to recommend a church. I used to get requests all the time. The list must be serving to help people find new church homes.That’s only possible because of good recommendations. Thanks.

  10. The Southlake Blvd church in Southlake, Texas is now a campus of The HIlls (formerly North Richland Hills) and is now called The Hills at Southlake. In fact I saw that Rick Atchley preached twice there this past Sunday.

  11. I whole-heartedly recommend the Missouri Street Church of Christ in West Memphis, Arkansas. I have been close friends with the minister, Mike Seale, for more than 35 years. I don’t live in the area, nor am I member of the CofC, but when I visit Mike and “MOST,” I am always greeted by the parishoners with great love and warmth; and Mike’s sermons are always thoughtful, exegetically sound, and passionately conveyed from one who truly seeks the heart of Jesus.

  12. Thanks, Jay! Mike speaks very highly of your website and has sent the link before but this occassion was non-spiritual – he sent the link for the Bama Ark highlight video – Roll Tide!


    I see Colorado is missing from your list and would like to add Eastside Church of Christ in Colorado Springs.

    We have a great staff with Patrick Mead as preaching minister, Matt Elliott as worship minister and Bobby Crews as youth minister. God is being glorified.

    Come visit us on your next vacation to this beautiful state.

  14. Delighted to add your congregation — and say “hello” to Patrick and Matt for me! Matt was our first youth minister (and an incredible worship leader) and Patrick has spoken here more than once. Good folks …

  15. I would highly recommend Maury Hills Church in Columbia, Tennessee and Northlake Church of Christ in Atlanta, Georgia. Both are progressive, grace filled churches.

    Any recommendations in Western North Carolina, near Asheville?

  16. Jonathan,

    I’ve added both churches, as well as Holland Park Church of Christ in Simpsonville, SC.

    Sorry, but I don’t know any churches in the western area of NC not already on the list. Maybe some of the other readers can help.

  17. Jay;
    My wife and I were on a trip in NW Virginia; worshipped at Church of Christ at
    MountainView in Winchester, Virginia. Awesome people…..please add. Thanks.

  18. Are there any recommendations for churches in Albuquerque, NM or the Tijeras, NM area from your readers? I would appreciate any comments. Thank you.

  19. I’m surprised Otter Creek Church in the Nashville area isn’t on the list. Also, not that it matters for anything but accuracy, but the Ethos Church in Nashville is instrumental.

  20. Jason,

    I’ve added Cornerstone to the list, but the URL you provided doesn’t work. The link is to one of two Facebook pages for Cornerstone. I hope it’s the right one. I can’t find an actual webpage on Google.

  21. Jay;

    I appreciate your compiling a list of congregations which line up with your Progressive faction. If I had published such a list of Progressive congregations you would have been at the forefront condemning my divisiveness.

    I believe the list you have compiled has great value.

    For those of us who continue to believe and practice what we have always believed and practiced, these are congregations to avoid. For those of you who have exchanged your earlier convictions for new convictions (or for a lack of conviction, as we have seen in New Wineskins’ Universalism), these congregations will suit nicely.

    Best Always,


  22. Greg, in all fairness Jay didnt mention these as being necessarily “Progressive” churches. I’m familiar with many of these congregations and I feel you would be comfortable worshiping with them. I’m not sure what the litmus test for “Progressive” is.
    My sister worships at Saturn Road in Texas and I dont think that is their reputation.

  23. Greg wrote: “If I had published such a list of Progressive congregations you would have been at the forefront condemning my divisiveness.

    I believe the list you have compiled has great value. For those of us who continue to believe and practice what we have always believed and practiced, these are congregations to avoid.”

    Holy “invisible beam in the eye”, Batman!

    And you COMPLAIN that someone might consider you divisive? Greg, what else can anyone possibly think after they read your post? If someone else accused you, I would have to hold my own assessment in abeyance. But since you (1) choose to post for no other reason than to declare your division from other CoC’s and (2) declare your avoidance of those from whom you’ve divided, your own words make your divisiveness clear.

    To clarify something here, making distinctions is not necessarily divisive. A cowboy can observe that both cowboys and Indians eat at this restaurant. It only becomes divisive when he adds, “You may want to eat with Indians, but I don’t.”

    I am a charismatic, and I fellowship with both charismatics and fundamentalists. We are different, but I do not hold myself apart from fundamentalists on that basis. That is a distinction without division. Sadly, there are a few folks still out there for whom distinction REQUIRES division. “My four and no more.” These folks are shrinking islands in a rising sea.

    As to convictions– When I was a child I had certain convictions, like girls having cooties, and that the tooth fairy was real (and cheap), and that the consumption of asparagus was deadly. I have since exchanged some of my earlier convictions for better ones. It’s called growing up. And it is a lifetime project. A man who learns nothing after age 20 of enough significance as to change any of his existing convictions is not sanctified; he is merely ossified.

  24. Greg,

    I’ve been in the hospital the last several days coping with kidney issues, and so I’ve not been able to respond until now. I’m finally at home, convalescing.

    This particular page is not a list of congregations aligned with a particular perspective. It is, as the page has said from its inception, a listing of congregations recommended by the readership.

    From the beginnings of this blog, I’ve had readers request recommendations for churches to consider as they’ve moved to new communities. I’ve often asked the readers for their advice, as my knowledge of the churches in most towns is fairly limited.

    If you were to review the old posts here, you’d find several where I asked the readership on behalf of a reader for church recommendations in city A or B.

    It would be futility for a reader to ask for a “progressive” Church of Christ, as the term lacks a useful definition. And in fact it’s difficult to pin down the working theology of many congregations.

    I recently had a preacher in search of a new congregation ask me how to tell whether a church is progressive. I could offer little guidance. After all, churches are living beings that are in constant change. The preacher’s theology and the elders’ theology are sometimes not the same or may be in the process of reconsideration or maturation. And the congregation may well be more or less mature than its leadership.

    In short, this is not a roll of churches that agree with or support my views. It is exactly what it purports to be: a compilation of recommendations from the readers given to other readers who’ve asked for recommendations.

  25. Not sure this is a fight worth having, but let’s at least give due regard to the facts. For the record, at the time of Mr. Tidwell’s posting, the URL for this page was “progressive-church-of-christ-congregations”. It has since been renamed to “recommended-church-of-christ-congregations”. (See here for a Google cache of the old page, for however long it lasts.) Not to be snarky, but it would seem the term “progressive” had a useful enough definition four days ago.

  26. Factchecker,

    From the inception of the page, it’s been exactly what it says it is. In fact, it’s a compilation of recommendations from readers of this blog — who are from all segments of the Churches of Christ. I have readers who are one cup, premillennial, no Sunday school, non-institutional, mainstream, charismatic, emerging — you name it. Because the blog is focused on unity within God’s kingdom, it has attracted a readership from across the entire Church of Christ spectrum.

    The churches listed are as recommended by the readers. I am familiar with only a handful myself. They represent no faction and I’m sure do not necessarily endorse this site or my views. Rather, some who read this blog endorse those churches. Those churches should be proud to be recommended by such good people.

    I have confidence in the readership to make thoughtful recommendations to their fellow readers, guided by the Golden Rule and their own experiences and understandings of the scripture.

    I’ve been digging around to trace the origins of the URL, as I had forgotten that “progressive” was in it until looking at the site this morning. Suffice to say, the URL was created by operator error. I discovered the problem sometime after the page was created, but the WordPress version available to me when I posted the page did not allow me to change URLs (or if it did, I didn’t know how to do it), and I gave the URL no thought until this morning. In the 16 months the page has been up, the URL attracted no attention from the readership — who would have certainly objected to characterizing all the listed churches as “progressive.”

    I noticed the URL this morning, I suspected the URL was causing some confusion, the version of WordPress I now have makes it easy to change it, and so I changed it. But the links to the page and text descriptions of the page have never referred to “progressive” Churches of Christ. In fact, I suspect there are many churches on the list who would not meet most definitions of “progressive.”

  27. There are many Churches of Christ in WV. If you like I can forward you a list from my area (southern WV).

  28. The Waterford church of Christ has been a wonderful church home to me and my family. If anyone is in the northern metro Detroit area, give us a visit!

  29. I suggest that you add Heartlands church in Lincoln, NE. Jim Tuttle is the preaching minister there, and they are about ready to move into a new building.

  30. Does anyone know of any congregations around the Indianapolis Indiana area? (preferably on the west side of town… say…..the Plainfield area?)
    thank you

  31. Maryville Church of Christ in Maryville, TN. Hardin Valley Church of Christ in Knoxville, TN. Laurel Church of Christ in Knoxville, TN. Second Street Church of Christ in Pulaski, TN.

  32. Guntersville Church of Christ in Guntersville, AL. Hebron Church of Christ in Joppa, AL. Eva Church of Christ in Eva, AL

  33. buckeye chuck,

    Done. I just worry about the risk of subjecting good Alabama Christian folk to Ohio State-mania. I might ought to post a warning.

  34. Thanks for the list J I might be going to that Sunny Hills Church of Christ in Fullerton that would be in California I’m having to move this week .
    last week I work so hard I couldn’t think past my nose. not that the work is hard although it’s been very hot in California. I don’t want anyone to get the idea that I work hard. I’m pretty much semi retired. & I know what hard work is. You have to remember I’m a retired carpenter.
    So I’ve been pretty busy but I have been reading all of your post. I’m sure you’ll keep up the good work without me but if I think of anything that I would like to say I’ll put it on a post .
    in any event blessings J.
    Regards rich constant

  35. Allan,

    1. Done.
    2. I grew up spending summers in Amarillo. My cousins grew up there. My mother is from Pampa. Attended UT.
    3. I’ve eaten at the Big Texan Steak Ranch. Almost ordered the calf fries, and learned what they are just in time. Otherwise, a most excellent meal.

  36. Jay,
    Please add The Tammany Oaks Church of Christ in Mandeville, LA. Some people you know – my brother, John, and his wife, Rosemary, are on their way here now for Thanksgiving.

  37. Ambrose,

    I’ve made the addition. Enjoy your time with John, Rosemary, and children.

    PS — I wouldn’t let Rosemary in unless she brought one of her homemade apple desserts.

    We taught a teen group together several years ago. That woman is a desert artist.

  38. Hebron church of Christ was posted above. I made the mistake of not specifying the city when I told you a bout it. I apologize… Hebron church of Christ, Joppa AL

  39. Maryville Church of Christ in Maryville, TN. Hardin Valley Church of Christ in Knoxville, TN. Laurel Church of Christ in Knoxville, TN. Second Street Church of Christ in Pulaski, TN.

  40. Jesse,

    Thanks. All have been added. (You have an affinity for churches without websites. I’ve linked to Facebook page where I couldn’t find a website. But they really need to join the 21st Century. No one uses the phone book anymore.)

  41. I’ll see that they get to it when time and money allows. They are all focusing on weightier matters at the moment! Thanks for your hard work, brother!

  42. Corinth has a population of 14,870 and 10 Churches of Christ. I’m not familiar with any of the congregations or their leadership. Some readers here may be. Churches of Christ in that part of the state tend to be conservative and small.

    21st Century Christian has made its directory available on the Internet. Here are the search results for that county:

    I just added a link to the directory to this page to help readers find what they can.

  43. Kevin,

    I did not know about ChurchZip. A lot of the data is out of data or duplicated, but still very helpful. I’ve added a link. Thanks!

  44. I don’t know if they’ll be happy with me telling on them, but I worked in Mississippi for 3 months and worshiped with these guys. They were fantastic. They were always up to some good things and had an impressive diversity. They are Lake Harbor Church of Christ in Ridgeland, MS (just north of Jackson, MS)

    Another amazing place I found was Church in the Falls in Cuyahoga Falls, OH. ( They dropped the “of Christ” from their name in the 1980’s. They have an instrumental and a non-instrumental service on Sundays.

  45. sakuchristian,

    Thanks for the recommendations. I’ve added to the list — and thank you especially for providing the links. It’s much easier for me to add a church when a reader does that!

  46. I would like to recommend the Elmwood Church of Christ in Lafayette, Indiana. An excellent congregation that loves and serves in their community. They also have a student center on the Purdue University campus.

  47. I would strongly commend Fairview Heights Church of Christ in Fairview Heights, IL (St. Louis metropolitan area), especially to those who may be relocating to Scott AFB and looking for a friendly and moderately progressive church. Website

  48. In Henderson , NV, outside of Las vegas — small church — Victory Road Church of Christ. Very diverse. Great sermons. Progressive.

  49. I see you don’t have any Minnesota churches of Christ listed here.
    Please add these to your list.
    Maplewood Church of Christ, Maplewood, Mn
    Woodbury Church of Christ, Woodbury, Mn
    Richfield Church of Christ, Richfield, Mn
    South Twin Cities Church of Christ
    Eagan Church of Christ, Eagan, Mn
    And many others…