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On Story: The Essential Subjectivity of Christianity or Why Christianity Not Lived Is Not Christianity at All

All reasoning begins with axioms. We assume that syllogisms produce truth. We assume that the world is as we perceive it. And it’s the nature of logic and reason that they must proceed from axioms. It’s how God made our minds … Continue reading

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On Story: A Critique of the Enlightenment’s Story

Again, not all Enlightenment ideals are false. Some are only partly false. Some are quite true. Some are true but only if understood in a different context. The natural human tendency is to be overly binary — that is, to … Continue reading

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On Story: Postmodernism, Modernism, and the Enlightenment

So here’s the thing. We’re beginning to — finally! — get comfortable with reading the Bible as narrative. And we’re beginning to see how the Bible further provides a metanarrative that establishes the worldview and values of the Christian. I … Continue reading

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On Story: Denouement, Desert, and Faith

Denouement (RP) IPA: /deˈnuːmɑ̃/ (US) IPA: /deɪnuˈmɑnt/, /deɪnuˈmɑ̃/ “Denouement” is a fancy word for the final conclusion, when the climax comes to final resolution. In a murder mystery, the climax is the moment the detective solves the mystery, or when … Continue reading

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On Story: Of Adam, Eve, Conflict, and Climax

The elements of a good story Let’s take Adam and Eve, Genesis 2 and 3, as an example of a good story. Characters Every writer knows that a good story has to have certain elements. It has to have characters … Continue reading

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On Story: Of Worldviews and Metanarratives

We’ve talked about stories and story theory before. I hope this isn’t too repetitive. But I’m increasingly finding how very important story is to Christianity. And I’m hoping maybe to tie a few threads together from prior posts to make … Continue reading

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“My Kind of Town … ” Headed to Chicago

In a couple of days, I’ll be headed to Chicago. I’ll be speaking at a convention of the National Association of Bond Lawyers, dealing particularly with chapter 9 bankruptcies — that is, bankruptcies of cities and counties. A timely topic, … Continue reading

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A Hospice for Dead Churches

Part 1 Ed Stetzer is an expert on church growth and a consultant to the Southern Baptist Convention. I’m a fan. He recently wrote a blog post called “Creating a Hospice Ministry for Churches.” I thought it was about churches … Continue reading

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The Future of the Progressive Churches of Christ — Is There a Third Way?

A friend of mine from high school popped up here at One In Jesus the other day asking what this “progressive Church of Christ” thing might be. He’s from another Christian tribe. And it’s kinda hard to explain. I jotted … Continue reading

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Josh Graves on Reading the Bible (and Being Read by the Bible)

Over at Jesus Creed, Josh Graves recently posted on four common views on how to read the Bible. It’s an excellent post, and you should follow the link to read it in its entirety. He finds four common views: VIEW #1: FUNDAMENTALIST … Continue reading

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