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How to Explain Your Ministerial Job

Thanks to Grace Centered Magazine for finding this.

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Sarah Rainer: Six Guidelines for Ministers Who Counsel

Interesting post from Sarah Rainer on guidelines for pastors (ministers, in the Churches of Christ, of course) who counsel. Also for elders. 1. Competence A lack of training in counseling and mental health issues would indicate that a pastor should … Continue reading

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Mark Love on Cynicism and Ministry Training

Marvelous post by Mark Love: “Learning Without Cynicism” — We also try to take an appreciative stance in relation to the congregation. We do this in two or three deliberate ways. Part of it is built into our notion of … Continue reading

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The Preacher Search: Lessons for Churches Searching for Preachers, Part 1

We finished a 15-month preacher search late last year. I’ve learned several lessons I thought I should pass along. Many of these I learned the hard way. This was not my first preacher search, by any means, but the Churches … Continue reading

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Leadership: The National Association of Evangelicals Issues Code of Ethics for Pastors

The National Association of Evangelicals has issued a code of ethics for pastors. It deals with integrity, trustworthiness, purity, accountability, and fairness. Read the code. Do you agree with the principles? What’s missing? Should a minister sign?

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Ministers: Why We Should Do Background Checks on Ministers Before We Hire Them

The Christian Chronicle just ran this astonishing story. The full story is from the Washington Post, and it’s a fascinating, disturbing read. It seems that a Virginia Church of Christ hired a minister who had been convicted of beating his … Continue reading

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Clergy & Laity: He says he’s suffering from burn out. Is he serious? (The Minister)

In my view, most cases of preacher burn out are the fault of the elders, the congregation, or our unchallenged traditions. But sometimes, it’s the preacher. Preachers can burn themselves out by — * Not praying enough * Not taking … Continue reading

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