Merry Christmas! Hallelujah!!

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Why Can’t We Tell Right from Wrong? Part 3 (Jesus and Paul)

We need to consider a hermeneutical principle not often taught in our literature.

We often misunderstand God’s words because we misunderstand who he is.

I mean, how often have I been misunderstood by someone — someone who thought I’d said something hateful or insensitive? I always find myself responding that you would not have misunderstood me if only you knew me!

God feels the same way. Words only get us so far. Until we know God better, we’ll inevitably misunderstand him. And the same is true as we try to understand one another. Continue reading

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Why Can’t We Tell Right from Wrong? Part 2 (Fourth Avenue)

I’ve learned that when you have a serious problem, it’s best to talk about it.

And when you’ve done something very seriously wrong, it’s best to confess the sin rather than bury it and hope no one else notices. These things don’t just go away.

And the people who love you, if they really love you, will tell you exactly this.

It’s started on December 3, 2014. Wineskins obtain appropriate consents and posted a video of a preaching intern at the Fourth Avenue Church of Christ in Franklin, Tennessee on YouTube. This video was about a young woman, a student at Lipscomb University, and it was a very positive, encouraging production.

The video included interviews with her, with the pulpit minister, Patrick Mead, and showed her sharing the pulpit one Sunday morning with Patrick, fulfilling a course requirement for her to obtain her degree in ministry. And she came across as spectacularly gifted as a public speaker — indeed, as a pulpit minister. She seemed a natural. Continue reading

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Why Can’t We Tell Right from Wrong? Part 1 (Midway)

Rerun: The Fork in the Road: “The Way of UNITY between “Christian Churches” and Churches of Christ,” Midway Christian Church

[This is a rerun from 2011, and now the first of a brief series.]

I’m posting one more history lesson on the congregational infighting that led to the split of the Restoration Movement over, among other things, the instrument. The first Restoration Movement church to have an instrument is the Midway Christian Church.

This is excerpted from this longer article.

What initially caused the problem was that the singing was deplorable. Pinkerton said that the singing would, “scare even the rats from worship.” At first they met in the home of some brethren on Saturday night for practice. To get the right pitch, they used a little melodeon. Before long one of the sisters was accompanying the singing with the playing of the little instrument. The group noted how the accompaniment helped the singing, and so they decided the use of it would greatly enhance their worship services. They asked L.L. Pinkerton, their preacher, what he thought of bringing it into the assembly. His response was that he saw no problem with it. So, the next Sunday, a melodeon was brought in for worship. Continue reading

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Is Baptism a Work, Part 6

baptism of JesusBack in July 2014, I posted a series on baptism, and a subset of that series consisted of 5 lessons on “Is Baptism a Work?”

Here are the links:

Baptism: Is Baptism a “Work”? Part 5 (If Baptism Isn’t a Work … )

And for some reason, going back to July 2, 2014, Part 1 has generated nearly 400 comments, which is, I believe, a One In Jesus record. That’s a lot of time and lot of writing. But we seem to be reverting to old habits, old ways of thinking, and not making much progress toward truth. Continue reading

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Hans Rollmann’s Restoration Movement Site

waybackmachineFor many years, Hans Rollmann maintained a website with electronic versions of Restoration Movement texts, such as writings by Barton W. Stone, Thomas and Alexander Campbell, and many others.

The site went offline in 2011, and since then has only be available for brief periods of time. Fortunately, the site remains available at the Wayback Machine. Continue reading

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Buried Talents, Revised Edition, in Beta

buriedtalentsI wrote an eBook, Buried Talents, regarding the role of women of the church back in 1994. It’s been available at this blog for free download very nearly since the blog began, and it’s been downloaded many thousands of times.

But it’s been 20 years, and so I figured it was time to update the book to take into account what I’ve learned in the last two decades on the topic and to respond to arguments made by, for example, Everett Ferguson in his Women in the Church. Continue reading

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1 Corinthians 13: Faith, Hope & Love, Part 4 (Falling Away)

spiritual giftsAt this point, the way we lose our salvation should be obvious. If we enter by faith, we leave by giving up our faith.

As we covered in the last post, faith has three elements.

We even made up a cool chart (perfect for drawing on boards when teaching Bible class) —

Believe: Believe Jesus is the Son of God:      Jesus is Messiah:   Faith
Trust:    Trust Jesus to keep his promises:   Jesus is Savior:       Hope
Repent: Be faithful to Jesus:                           Jesus is Lord:          Love

So this what it means to become saved. Undo any of these three, and you fall away and lose your perfected state, free from condemnation. How does that happen? Well — Continue reading

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Ray Vander Laan Regarding Christmas

RVL2Longtime readers will know that I’m a fan of the teaching ministry of Ray Vander Laan.

A reader has pointed out to me this audio recording of Ray speaking on Christmas.


PS — Additional audio mp3s from Ray Vander Laan may be found here.

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