On My Unintended Absence, Being Much Better than Death

Mostly deadSo Alabama’s losing the Sugar Bowl to Oklahoma in a lackadaisical effort last Friday was pretty awful, but I felt reasonably well physically.

Before the trip, I’d had my pee tested, once again, and I had been found clear of any remaining infection — meaning that my three rounds of antibiotics following back surgery two months earlier was finally over.

I was still recovering from the stiffness and soreness of my back surgery, and I was looking forward to finally getting back into decent shape after a brief vacation in New Orleans. Continue reading

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A Reader’s Questions about Commentaries

I get emails —

I have never owned any Bible commentaries, always resorting to borrowing as needed. As of late I have decided to purchase, or start to purchase, such items. Do you have any suggestions for sets that would be suitable for a lay-person such as myself? If you don’t recommend complete sets, do you have any particular authors that you would recommend? I look forward to your advice.

This is a tough one, because there are so very many commentaries and commentary sets out there. They vary in terms of the level of expertise they assume the reader has, the denomination of the author, the target audience, and all sorts of things. Continue reading

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Leaving for the Sugar Bowl

sugarbowlMy wife asked for Sugar Bowl tickets for Christmas, and so she got Sugar Bowl tickets for Christmas.

And this means I’ll be away from my computer the next couple of days. I have only one more post written.

So posts will pause for a few days, I imagine. I might find time and energy to write ahead. You never know.

Meanwhile, I’m searching for handicapped accessible gates at the SuperDome.

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Naomi Walters: Longing for Home

Naomi brings an especially interesting story to Wineskins. It all goes back to 1966. You see, it was in 1966 that my congregation planted a church in Stamford, Connecticut: the Stamford Church of Christ.

This was part of the Exodus Movement in which several Churches of Christ worked together to plant churches in the Northeast.

As I understand the process, the plant involved several families from the planting churches pulling up roots and relocating to the new area. There is a good article in the Christian Chronicle recalling this plant. And here’s one from 1965.

I moved to Tuscaloosa, and my church home, in 1975, and so this was nearly a decade in the past at the time. (We’re fast approaching the 50th anniversary — and really ought to plan something.) And this was a plant, not a mission congregation, and so it was a fully autonomous, self-supporting church by the time I showed up. (I wonder how many former Tuscaloosans live there? Do they still remember how to say “Roll Tide!”?) Nonetheless, it was a ministry that my church understandably took great pride in. Continue reading

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A Framework for Discussing Baptism: Unanswered Challenges

BaptismofJesus2Back on December 13, I posted a series of comments I’d made at earlier posts, as a post called “A Framework for Discussing Baptism.” This was an effort to frame and so improve the conversation regarding the absolute necessity of baptism.

That post has received over 300 comments thus far, with no end in sight. (This may be a OIJ record!)  But thus far, I’ve failed to elevate the conversation beyond endless repetition of ancient arguments that haven’t persuaded in the last 500 years.

I’m very disappointed that the challenges I’d made to the absolute-necessity-of-baptism position have been ignored by those who wish to push for that position because I thought that, even if I were proven to be in error, at least we’d make some progress. And we haven’t. Continue reading

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Should 1 Corinthians 14:34-35 Be Considered Part of Paul’s Letter? (Corrected)

(Edited thanks to a much-appreciated comment from Dennis Threadgill. Deleted text is shown by strikethrough. New text is shown by an underscore. The point of the post was not to disprove Patrick’s position but to demonstrate that there is no “liberalism” in those who, contrary to my own and Patrick’s views, reject 1 Cor 14:33-34 as part of Paul’s original text.)


Isn’t it obvious that churches grow largely because of the work of their female members?

I have no interest in re-arguing the role of women case from top to bottom. We did that here some time ago in the Buried Talents series. But I do think that it’s worthwhile to reflect a bit on Patrick Mead’s recent post regarding 1 Cor 14:34-35.

Here’s the text in question:

(1Co 14:34-35 ESV)  34 the women should keep silent in the churches. For they are not permitted to speak, but should be in submission, as the Law also says.  35 If there is anything they desire to learn, let them ask their husbands at home. For it is shameful for a woman to speak in church.

Patrick explains, Continue reading

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suggestionI don’t often do this, but I’d be interested to hear from the readers what they’d like OneInJesus to cover in 2014.

Please post your suggestions either in the comments or using the Contact button just below the OIJ banner.

Anything you post via the Contact button will go only to me. Obviously, a comment will go out to the whole world.

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Patrick Mead: Just Another Wineskins.org Site

rockiesSeveral years ago, my church had Patrick visit to speak on Missions Sunday — when we pass the hat for one year’s worth of missions contributions. And the church just loved him. (I think I can still remember his three points — from 10 years ago.) Then we had him in a second time.

He was, at the time, new to us here in West Alabama, but it was obvious to us that he would soon be well known throughout the Churches of Christ — and we called that one exactly right. Continue reading

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Matt Dabbs: Kingdom Living

dabbs008I’ve been reading Matt Dabbs‘ blog, Kingdom Living, about as long as I’ve been reading blogs on the Internet. It’s just good stuff.

Some years ago, we collaborated on compiling a list of the 25 most popular Church of Christ blogs three or four times. (It was a WHOLE lot of work.) And I found someone who loves an Excel spreadsheet almost as much as I do. It was fun. Continue reading

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“Atheists Ain’t Got No Songs”

I first posted this nearly 3 1/2 years ago,  but something I’m working on reminded me of it — and I couldn’t resist a little Steve Martin humor.

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