Church Sign: Somebody Beat Us to It!

How did we let the Baptists beat us to this church name?


Thanks to Ed Stetzer.

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What Must the Church of Christ Do to Be Saved? Chapter 9

We’re working our way through Leroy Garrett’s book: What Must the Church of Christ Do to Be Saved? The paperback is $7.95, but it’s also available in Kindle edition for $0.99. For $0.99, it’s really an offer you can’t refuse!

Now, by “saved” Garrett doesn’t mean that he questions the salvation of the individual members of the Churches of Christ. Rather, he is concerned to save the Churches of Christ as a “viable witness to the Christian faith. What must it do to escape extinction in the decades ahead …?”

Chapter 9 is entitled, “Cease being male dominated.” Continue reading

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Resources on Revelation

A reader asks,

Do you have a good guide for studying Revelations or a Bible study for each chapter?

I would appreciate any help or suggestions you may have.

I don’t fancy myself very knowledgeable on the Revelation (and I know many readers who’d agree!) So I figured I’d ask the readers for their recommendations. Which books on the Apocalypse do you find helpful?



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Virus Question from a Reader

A reader emailed me to let me know that he is getting spam that suggests it’s from me and Al Maxey. I suspect the virus is not really from my computer, as I run the latest version of the Norton Security Suite and don’t have this particular reader in my email Contacts. But to make sure, I thought I’d ask if anyone else is getting spam or virus messages suggesting they came from me?

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Inerrancy: Friday’s Questions

These questions relate to my essay from Monday morning

Comment as you wish — except you may not speak disrespectfully of the Word of God. You may certainly point out alleged contradictions so long as such comments are made with respect for God’s Word.

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Inerrancy: A Thought Inspired by David P. Himes

First, a warning. I’m on narcotics. Really. I’m trying to pass a kidney stone, and I’ll be stoned until it happens.

I hate narcotics. I get no buzz, only nausea, but it beats the torture that is a kidney stone.

I say this to say that I am not responsible for my own opinions. Necessarily. It could be the drugs.

David wrote,

John 5:39-40 NIV 39 You study the Scriptures diligently because you think that in them you have eternal life. These are the very Scriptures that testify about me, 40 yet you refuse to come to me to have life.

Sometimes I feel we miss the point of Scriptures.  According to Jesus, we think we’ll find eternal life in Scripture, but, in fact, we’ll only find eternal life in Jesus.

There is obviously a difference. Continue reading

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Inerrancy: Thursday’s Questions

These questions relate to my essay from Monday morning

How do you react to the efforts of Apologetics Press and Vic Vadney to reconcile the alleged contradictions referred to in God’s Holy Fire?

Do you find yourself more in agreement with Apologetics Press, GHF, the Chicago Statement, or none of the above? Why?

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Reading the Gospels

Two articles by Matt Proctor in the Christian Standard on how to read the Gospels — with some incidental comments on inerrancy. Enjoy.

Getting the Most from the Gospels (Part One)

Getting the Most from the Gospels (Part Two)

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Inerrancy: Wednesday’s Questions

These questions relate to my essay from Monday morning

Do you agree with Apologetics Press that a soul’s salvation could depend on the age of the earth?

Do you agree with the tests of inerrancy found in the 1978 Chicago Statement?

Do you agree with the hermeneutical principles found in the 1982 Chicago Statement?

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Worship … Not!

YouTube Preview Image

Thanks to Vicki.

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