A Communion Meditation: Separate and Apart

CommunionIt’s been a common practice for as long as I can remember to begin this part of the service by pointing out that the contribution is “separate and apart” from the Lord’s Supper that we’ve just celebrated. I honestly don’t know why. It’s not separate and apart at all.

The point of the Lord’s Supper is to remember Jesus. And I’ve no doubt that we’ve just done exactly that. But remembering in thought is nothing compared to remembering in action, and the contribution gives us the opportunity to remember in a very active, very powerful, very important way.

By giving to God we acknowledge that we are his, that we’ve surrendered our selfish desires and have put the body above each of us–mere body parts. And so, by giving, we truly discern the body of Christ.

This contribution is inseparable from the Lord’s Supper. We cannot participate in the blood and body of our crucified Savior and not participate with his body on earth by giving as he has asked us to do.

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