The Gospel According to Luke, Chapter by Chapter Outlines

Jesus healingI’ve yet to figure out how to convert an MS Word outline into a WordPress posting. Therefore, I’m attaching the outlines as .pdf files. It’s not elegant, but it’s at least possible. If anyone knows a way to make the conversion easily, please let me know.

PS — The outlines get better, I think, as we get deeper into Luke, as I learned better what the teachers and students were responding to.

PPS — tomorrow is the last Sunday of the two quarters we’ve dedicated to studying Luke’s Gospel.  That means there won’t be any lessons past chapter 12 unless I get far more motivated than I’ve been lately.  There are some great, great lessons yet to come in Luke, but I’m glad we took the book nice and slow. We didn’t learn all the material, but I think we all were drawn a lot closer to Jesus. It was refreshing to take enough time to truly savor the words and actions of our Savior.

Luke chapter 1

Luke chapter 2

Luke chapter 3

Luke chapter 4

Luke chapter 5

Luke chapter 6

Luke chapter 7

Luke chapter 8

luke chapter 9

Luke chapter 10

Luke chapter 11

Luke chapter 12

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