Bama Tebowed


(AP Photo/Dave Martin)

(AP Photo/Dave Martin)

Well, Alabama is no longer undefeated. But we lost to a great team led by one of the all-time greats. How can you not admire Tim Tebow (even as you fervently wish he’d declare for the NFL draft and never play an SEC game again!)?

Looks like UA will wind up in the Sugar Bowl against Utah — not a bad consolation prize at all. In fact, despite the weather, I’d far rather spend a weekend in New Orleans than Miami. The food is just so much better. 

Mmmm … beignets, blackened fish, bananas foster — and all done right. Not a bad consolation prize at all.

Still, it would have been great to win. Oh, well. At least we beat Auburn.

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My name is Jay Guin, and I’m a retired elder. I wrote The Holy Spirit and Revolutionary Grace about 18 years ago. I’ve spoken at the Pepperdine, Lipscomb, ACU, Harding, and Tulsa lectureships and at ElderLink. My wife’s name is Denise, and I have four sons, Chris, Jonathan, Tyler, and Philip. I have two grandchildren. And I practice law.
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5 Responses to Bama Tebowed

  1. Dave R. says:

    At least you beat Auburn? Everyone beat Auburn!

  2. Jay Guin says:

    After having lost to them 6 years in a row, we're very glad to be among the many who beat them.

    I just wish we could play a Big 12 team this year and see how the SEC really stacks up against those teams.

  3. Tim Archer says:

    Just think… you could have beat Florida by 10 points and still get left out.

    Then you'd feel like a Longhorn fan….

  4. Cary says:

    Good grief… Longhorns are still crying.

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