Tyler and Tara’s Wedding — and Taking Some Time Off

Yesterday, my third son, Tyler, was married to Tara Baker, here in Tuscaloosa at Capitol Park.

We’ve been fortunate to have family in from all over the country — from Boston to Seattle. It’s been a good time.

Especially important is the visit by my new (and only) grandson Daniel James Guin, shown here with Hampton, his parents’ cat (and who is still a bit confused by having a baby in the house) —

… all of which means I’ve not spent much time at the computer. Today’s post is the last one I’ve written. I’ll be back. But I’m taking the week off.

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  1. Congratulations !!! I told my son-n-law that I was pro-rating the cost of the wedding over 7 years.. Every year I call him and wish them a happy anniversary and send him a note for 1/7th of a reduction in his potential liability !!