When You Win 4 National Championships in One Year, Well, You Have Problems

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I am an elder, a Sunday school teacher, a husband, a father, a grandfather, and a lawyer. I live in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, home of the Alabama Crimson Tide. I’m a member of the University Church of Christ. I grew up in Russellville, Alabama and graduated from David Lipscomb College (now Lipscomb University). I received my law degree from the University of Alabama. I met my wife Denise at Lipscomb, and we have four sons, two of whom are married, and I have a grandson and granddaughter.
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4 Responses to When You Win 4 National Championships in One Year, Well, You Have Problems

  1. laymond says:

    pride goeth before a fall.

  2. JMF says:

    Jay —

    Your previous post (part 3) is cut off short on my end. It also seems that the comments are turned off.

  3. Profile photo of Jay Guin Jay Guin says:


    Thanks! I’ve fixed both problems. I have no idea how either one happened.

  4. The University of Athletics at Alabama is reporting a sudden and widespread rash of rotator cuff injuries among Crimson Tidalists, apparently from patting themselves on the back. Coaches/fundraisers fear a collateral outbreak among older Tide fans; UA at A trainers advise fans to warm up well before engaging in extreme self-congratulation. Cranial swelling is also a serious related condition; locally-applied hydrotherapy is recommended to alleviate symptoms.

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