John’s Gospel: Questions for 2:1-11

Portraits of Jesus

“Jesus, the Changer”

John 2:1-11

  1. Why were Mary, Jesus,and the  Apostles at the wedding in Cana?
  2. Why was Mary concerned about the lack of wine at the wedding feast?
  3. What is Mary’s expectation of Jesus? Why?
  4. What is Jesus answer to Mary?  Why does he address Mary the way he does?  Is he answering, “Yes,” or, “No”? What is he saying with his answer? What “time” is he referring to, and why was it not time?
  5. How does Mary respond to Jesus’ answer? What does it tell us about her understanding of Jesus’ identity and her personal faith?
  6. Why do the servants respond to Mary the way they do? Is there any significance to John’s details about their response?
  7. What does Jesus do? How does John help his readers know the amount and quality of the wine?
  8. Why does John call this the first sign when he had just recorded Jesus’ miraculous knowledge of Nathanel?
  9. How does this story help us answer the question, “Who is this ‘Son of Man’?” How should we imitate Christ based on this story?
  10. This portrait of Jesus depicts Jesus as, “The Changer.”  How else has Jesus changed things? How has he changed your life?  How can we help others receive the benefits of Jesus, “The Changer”?

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