John’s Gospel: Questions for Chapter 4:46-5:17

John Questions

Lesson 8: Jesus, The Healer

John 4:46-5:17

  1.  Why does John report this exchange between Jesus and the official?  It seems that Jesus is looking for a faith that doesn’t have to see a miracle to believe.  Why is it important that John make this point to the readers of his book? (look again at John’s purpose stated in John 20:30-31).
  2. John reports that the man “believed” before he learned that his son had been healed (v.50), and then he “believed” afterward.  Which is it?
  3. How does this “second miracle” demonstrate Jesus’ power over the pagan gods? How might this relate to the “living water” of the previous section?
  4. How does the next miracle in chapter 5 relate to “living water”?
  5. What is the significance of how long the man had been unable to walk?  Why did he need to get in the pool?
  6. What is Jesus’ conflict with the Law in healing the lame man?
  7. In charging the man to be careful in how he lived in the future or something worse may happen to him, was Jesus implying that sin was the reason for his illness?  Was Jesus saying that sin is at the root of physical problems?  This seems to be the thinking of the apostles in John 9:2, how does Jesus answer this view?
  8. How might Jesus’ approach in this passage indicate Jesus balance in concern for both physical and spiritual health?
  9. How does Jesus’ statement about his Father’s continual work fit with the fact that God rested after six days of creation? What is Jesus’ point?
  10. What is the accusation toward Jesus regarding his healing on the Sabbath?  Is it justified?  How does Jesus deal with the accusation?  Why was it important to portray Jesus as one who healed on the Sabbath, and how should this be demonstrated in our efforts to be Christlike?

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