The Role of Women at Wineskins; The rest of the posts

roleofwomenThe last two posts of my series on the role of women are now posted. The first two dealt with 1 Cor 14:33b-35.

The second two deal with the Holy Spirit and what authority comes from the giftedness that comes from the Spirit.

Here they are —

Giftedness, Part 3: The Present Work of the Spirit in Christians

Giftedness, Part 4: 1 Corinthians 12 on Giftedness and Authority

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My name is Jay Guin, and I’m a retired elder. I wrote The Holy Spirit and Revolutionary Grace about 18 years ago. I’ve spoken at the Pepperdine, Lipscomb, ACU, Harding, and Tulsa lectureships and at ElderLink. My wife’s name is Denise, and I have four sons, Chris, Jonathan, Tyler, and Philip. I have two grandchildren. And I practice law.
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2 Responses to The Role of Women at Wineskins; The rest of the posts

  1. Andrea says:

    I have read through all of these posts as well as your ebook, Buried Talents. What advice can you give to women (and men) who are still waiting in the wings for our local church eldership to take this study seriously?

  2. Profile photo of Jay Guin Jay Guin says:


    I would suggest that you encourage the elders and ministers to undertake a study of the subject using Buried Talents and any number of other resources (mentioned in BT). I would suggest that the elders and staff also read materials that argue for a complementarian position — so that they’ve heard both sides of the argument.

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