Katrina Stone: “Never Want to Grow Up”

So I’ve finally figured out how to embed iframe code in my posts, which lets me do all sorts of cool things – like embedding links to free mp3 albums and EPs from NoiseTrade. (And I think it’ll let me do similar things with Amazon books.)

So my 21-month old granddaughter and I have been enjoying the melodious strains of Katrina Stone (yes, she dances to the music — and is much better at it than I am; like me, she has an affinity for songs performed with a brass section). And so I thought I should share.


  1.  I figure it’s the gift-giving season, and so I’m going to share access to music I enjoy. Warning: my musical taste is wide-ranging. But no country. And hardly any rap. But some bluegrass is okay. Some of these will be Christian artists. Some not.
  2. Yes, the Noisetrade downloads really are free and entirely legal. You will likely be invited to tip, and it’s entirely voluntary. Enjoy.
  3. I have not carefully checked the lyrics to assure Christian orthodoxy, moral themes, or such. As is true of nearly all new music nowadays, it’s sometimes best not to listen to the lyrics at all. If you come across something just awful, let me know and I’ll post a warning or even take the post down.
  4. This has the advantage over a YouTube video of providing the entire album or EP — and direct link to the free download site.
  5. I likely won’t be posting Christmas albums. Nothing against the genre, but I’d rather invest my music money in year-round music.
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