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The Blue Parakeet: The Story and Women, Part 2

Let’s skip ahead all the way to the central controversial text of the controversy — (1 Tim 2:11-14)  A woman should learn in quietness and full submission. 12 I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority … Continue reading

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A Lover’s Quarrel: Women and Men

Garrett’s tenth wish for the Churches of Christ is — Let us bring women into the church as equals; let us cease being male-dominated. I’m on record on this one. The Bible does not teach male domination of women. Rather, … Continue reading

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Faith vs. Opinion: What Did Campbell Really Mean?

A short article originally written in an email debate over whether you’ll be damned if you believe women may be deacons. (You won’t be, even if you’re wrong.) Here’s the article: Faith vs. Opinion.

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Buried Talents: In Search for a New Consensus on the Role of Women

Another book-length essay. I’ve been plugging away on this one for over a decade, based on my class notes from a 17-week class on the subject taught a very long time ago. You can download the entire essay or download … Continue reading

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